Tara   Fisher 

A Better Choice For America

 Libertarian Candidate in NJ CD 6 

Why I'm Running

“I want to see a society based on peaceful relations, and not threats of violence. I am running because I want you to keep your hard-earned money, and not be used to bomb people overseas or lock up peaceful people here, at home.”

-Tara Fisher


Medical Freedom

You have the right to pick any medication of your choosing, because you have bodily autonomy.

Economic Liberties

Every dollar you make should be yours to save it, spend it, give it away as you see fit, and not as politicians think is best for you!

Civil Liberties

The 21st century saw the continued shredding of the Bill of Rights at the hands of both Republicans and Democrats alike.

Second Amendment

The right to self-defense is a natural right, just is the right to life. If you have a right to life, by definition, you also have a right to protect your life.

Defend The Guard

I support state legislation to stop using the National Guard in order to prop up unconstitutional and illegal wars.

Foreign Policy

Millions of people in other countries are dead and thousands of American troops are dead, with American soldiers committing suicide. It’s time to vote NO!


I am the only truly pro-liberty candidate. Please reach out with any questions about my platform or to volunteer to help with my campaign.

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