You have the right to pick any medication of your choosing, because you have bodily autonomy. Under Article I, Section VIII of the US Constitution, the federal government has no power to restrict your access to any medication. Any federal mandates regarding medication use are null and void under the US Constitution.

Congressman Pallone has failed to bring down drug prices, as have his Democratic and Republican counterparts in Congress. The more they subsidize drugs, the more expensive they become for you. If they really wanted to bring the drug prices down, they would have stopped subsidizing almost all of the healthcare industry a long time ago. As a result, wealth is being taken away from the middle class and the poor, and then given to the wealthiest pharmaceutical corporations.


Under President Trump, the national debt had increased by $8 trillion, while under Biden it increased by $3 trillion so far. To pay for the debt, the Federal Reserve has increased the amount of money in circulation. Now, thanks to both major parties in the White House and Congress, you are paying significantly more money. Knowingly causing pain to the American people is not “patriotic”, it is evil! These politicians (yes, you, Congressman Pallone) should be voted out of office!

I support repealing the federal Income Tax and replacing it with nothing. All constitutional functions of government can be funded with the tariffs and excise taxes that are being currently collected. In fact, if the federal Income Tax were to be repealed today, federal spending would be at about the same level, as just a few years ago. Every dollar you make should be yours to save it, spend it, give it away as you see fit, and not as politicians think is best for you!

The Federal Reserve caused the value of the dollar to lose more than 90% of its value since 1913. The richest political cronies have spent the money first, before you ended up with crumbs of the printed money. Because of this, the richest politically-connected cronies have gotten richer, and the middle class, as well as the poor, have gotten poorer. This must end! The Federal Reserve has impoverished millions of Americans through the destruction of the dollar. The endless boom and bust cycle with the ensuing unemployment and inflation has harmed the lives of millions of people. The Federal Reserve has enabled the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans and millions of people overseas. The private central bank, also known as the Federal Reserve, needs to be abolished, and replaced with competing currencies.

You cannot survive on Social Security. It is a crime that people have paid their entire lives into the system, with almost nothing to show, once they retire. This must stop! I call for the replacement of the failed system that steals your money with individual retirement accounts, which politicians cannot touch! The Republican and Democratic members of Congress, who took part in stealing your money should all be removed from office!


The 21st century saw the continuation of the shredding of the Bill of Rights at the hands of most of the Republican and Democratic incumbents in Congress, as well as Republican and Democratic Presidents.

From warrantless wiretapping of the entire American population in direct violation of the 4th Amendment, to the assassination of American citizens with no due process, to the enshrining into law the indefinite incarceration of the American people, Presidents of both parties, as well as Congress have shown a complete disdain for your rights. If the American people can be assassinated at will by Republican and Democratic politicians, is there anything that members of Congress and the President can’t do?! It is time to vote out of office most of Congress’ members, regardless of party!


The right to self-defense is a natural right, just is the right to life. If you have a right to life, by definition, you also have a right to protect your life. Disarming the population is a first step towards tyranny, as we have seen in countries like North Korea. We have seen cities with strongest gun control laws face rising murder rates, as criminals understand that disarmed residents make easier targets.


The last time that Congress had declared war was 80 years ago. Since then, the National Guard has been used in foreign undeclared wars, without any regard to the Constitution. The politicians of both parties had started disastrous/illegal wars and used National Guard outside of the law. National Guard should never be used outside of its authority. I support state legislation to stop using the National Guard in order to prop up unconstitutional and illegal wars.


According to neoconservative Robert Kagan, 9/11, the War in Ukraine, and other blowbacks, represent a “reasonable” price for an interventionist foreign policy, that he supports. Millions of people in other countries are dead and thousands of American troops are dead, with American soldiers committing suicide. However, for warmongering politicians, to quote the late UN Ambassador Madeleine Albright (D), “the price is worth it.”

The American people have seen their incomes dwindle and prices jump, but for our warmongering politicians the price is always worth it, as they are calling for policies that would make nuclear war more likely. Before they steal your every last penny, it is time to vote “No!’ on bleeding you dry and destroying your life on the altar of their bloodthirsty dreams!